Hester Magson - a professional make-up artist since 1987 - has been trusted by many famous faces to do their facials, make-up, hair and styling.

As a qualified make-up artist, hairdresser and beautician, she understands how these different aspects of a person's overall appearance should be woven together to create an exquisite look for work or play. Her knowledge and experience enables her to understand the effects of lighting and styling on the overall look of the final product. Her trained eye and experience also ensures that continuity is kept throughout the shoot. Her unique abilities make Hester the ideal person to assist you to create a truly professional product.





  • National Diploma in Performing Arts, Theatre Crafts, and Stage Dressing. (Technicon Pretoria)
  • National Diploma in Hair Dressing N3 (Joubert Park JHB)
  • Diploma in Skin Analysis, Aromatherapy and Reflexology (Beauty Facts JHB)
  • Advanced International Course in Beauty Therapy (Anesi)
  • Advanced International Course in High Definition Make-up (Kett Cosmetics, New York City)

Hester worked at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) for 22 years. She was the Head of the Make-up department for 13 years and has done various high profile productions in the television industry and fashion world.

She presented several workshops for television anchors on "what works for television". The workshops covered topics such as general skin care, styling, accessories and the do's and don'ts of make-up and hair. She also trained several individual make-up artists who are currently well sought after for their skills.

Currently she is providing high definition make-up training to professional make-up artists. The training is provided in a studio equipped with a high definition camera, monitor and studio lighting. This enables the trainees to experience the effect which the high definition air gun and make-up has on camera, both still and television/DVD. The training provides the necessary skills which will enable the trainee to switch from standard/analog to high definition/digital with ease.

Throughout her career Hester worked with people from all cultures, which have provided her with the knowledge and experience to enable her to do make-up on all skin colours and style hair of all textures. In other words, Hester can do make-up and hair on all races regardless of skin colour and hair texture.

Hester also hosts regular workshops on make-up for woman in the corporate world and does grooming courses for individual men and woman.

Hester has a passion to share her creative thoughts with others and to enhance the beauty of the people she works with. She wants to equip woman of all ages with the necessary skills and knowledge to make then look and feel and in the process help them to build self confidence.

She believes that all woman are beautiful and that she has been blessed with special talents and skills that will bring forth the true beauty in every woman.

Hester enjoys working with people. She has so much to offer and loves giving and sharing her knowledge.

The highlight of her career was to meet and do make-up on Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.





My vision:

"to colour, shape and enhance life's greatest moments."
My values:
"my work and my products are of high quality"
"I offer affordable, world class service and technology."
"I add a personal touch to my work"
"I am trustworthy and professional"
"My make-up can be described as classic, creative, modern, contemporary and alternative."

Some of the more memorable productions Hester has worked on over the years include the following: