- Ultra hygienic
Spraying the make-up from a distance considerable eliminates the risk of transferring diseases via make-up brushes and powder puffs.

- Even coverage
Microscopic drops of the product are sprayed as a mist. The thin layer of cosmetic keeps the natural texture of the skin. The natural oils in the skin absorb the foundation. Foundation, eye shadow, blusher and lip colour are all done with the airbrush and compliment the skin instead of forming an unwanted texture on top of the skin.

- Economical
Only 5-10 drops of the cosmetic is required to cover the whole face evenly with foundation.

- Speed
Using an airbrush cuts the application and number of touch ups in half. The make-up stays on for up to 12 hours and although it is smudge and water resistant, it is light and allows the skin to breathe. Photographers and editors have less work when it comes to Photoshop and grading of colour as the make-up does most of the work for them. High definition/digital television and cameras provide audiences with superior image resolution. Colours are 6 times brighter and the sharpness is 6 times greater. Persons appearing on any form of digital camera are left with the challenge of maintaining an immaculate appearance under the 6 time magnification of HD cameras. The flawless picture resolution calls for flawless make-up coverage, and like technology, the cosmetology industry has advanced by producing make-up products especially for HD/digital cameras. Used together or separately, these products will work to conceal wrinkles, blemishes, acne and skin discoloration while on camera, giving a clean and natural look to those on camera.